General Affiliations

  • League of California Cities. All regional governments are governed by a board of locally elected officials. In recognition of this relationship, the League Board can appoint one member to the CALCOG Board.
  • California State Association of Counties. All regional governments are governed by a board of locally elected officials.  In recognition of this relationship, the CSAC Board can appoint one member to the CALCOG Board.

Transportation Organization Affiliations

  • Self Help Counties Coalition. Nineteen of our members manage and program funds from a local based sales tax dedication for transportation purposes.  We work closely with the Self Help Counties Coalition and we try never to miss their annual Focus on the Future Conference.
  • California Transit Association. Several of our members, like LA Metro, Orange County Transportation Authority, and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission are also members of the California Transit Association.
  • Rural Counties Task Force. The RCTF is a staff-level working group that represents the more rural regions of the state.  Several CALCOG members, including a couple of MPOs, are members.
  • RTPA Group (no link). The RTPA group does not have a link, but meets periodically just prior to the meetings of the California Transportation Commission.  The group consists of programming staff from regional transportation planning agencies and often provide comments that apply state requirements to specific projects.

Geographic Affiliations

  • Central Coast Coalition. All three MPOs and three more transportation commissions in the Monterey Bay area are members of CALCOG.
  • Mobility 21. All Six transportation commissions and SCAG are members of this organization dedicated to supporting practical solutions to Southern California’s transportation challenges.

Other member and public agency affiliations in Southern California, Bay Area, and Sacramento Region tend to be represented in the regional governments themselves (respectively, SCAG, MTC & ABAG, and SACOG).

National Affiliations

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