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Butte County Association of Governments (BCAG)

Butte County Association of Governments (BCAG)
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As both the Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA) and the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), Butte County Association of Governments’ (BCAG) primary responsibility is to prepare all state and federally required transportation plans and programs that are necessary for securing transportation funding for highways, streets and roads, transit, bike and pedestrian facilities, and other transportation modes.  BCAG is also a forum for the study/resolution of regional transportation issues, and ensures that there is public participation in the transportation planning and decision making process.

BCAG also serves in several other capacities: as the Census Affiliate Data Center and is responsible for maintaining census data and coordination with the US Census; as the day-to-day administrators and policy body for the Butte Regional Transit; and as the Area Wide Clearinghouse designated by the Office of Management and Budget responsible for local review of grants for federal assistance, review of environmental documents from federal agencies for projects within the county, and coordination with state plans.  Additionally, BCAG also serves as the lead agency for development of state highway projects within Butte County.  BCAG is currently contracting the development of environmental and design components on several state highway projects in cooperation with Caltrans and the Federal Highway Administration.

BCAG is a member of the North State Super Region.

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  • Butte County Plug in Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan–The plan provides guidance, best practices, and preferred locations for PEV infrastructure in Butte County.  As PEV use grows, Butte County is taking measures to accommodate residents and travelers passing through.  PEV infrastructure will increase travel options, reduce emissions, and improve safety in the region.  It also allows Butte County and local jurisdictions to be eligible for federal and state grant funding opportunities
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The Board of Directors is comprised of 1 representative from each of the five incorporated cities/towns, and 5 Butte County Board of Supervisors.

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Jon Clark
CALCOG Board Representative
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