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Calaveras Council of Governments (CCOG) is the Council of Governments (COG) and the Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA) for Calaveras County.  As such, CCOG develops the planning documents (like the regional transportation plan) and nominates, assigns, and distributes federal and state monies for transportation projects to improve highway safety, relieve traffic congestion, and promote economic development.

Recent and current projects include the Angels Camp Bypass, the Wagon Trail Project, and the Cottage Springs Passing Lane.

CCOG administers Transportation Development Act (TDA) funding and also works with the Amador and Alpine County Transportation Commissions under the terms of a Memorandum of Understanding.  CCOG has also been integral in the development of a Geographic Information System (GIS) for planning, monitoring, and implementing transportation projects in Calaveras County and the City of Angels.  More recently, CCOG has engaged in Air Quality Conformance when the county was designated as a non-attainment area under the new federal 8-hour ozone standard.  In addition, CCOG devotes significant amounts of time and energy to applying for and managing grant money as it becomes available to bring more opportunity to the county.

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  • UPLAN–UPLAN is a GIS modeling tool used for regional transportation planning.  The data development project is funded by Caltrans and assists in long-range planning efforts that help guide decision-makers in the region.  The tool serves as a platform for information-sharing and coordination between agencies and enhances the connection between land use and transportation planning by projecting future growth alternatives.  UPLAN illustrates how different projections affect the region’s air quality, transportation system, housing, and natural resources and was also developed to be integrated with the General Plan Update.
  • Calaveras County Regional Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Safe Routes to School Plan–Many Calaveras County residents regularly bicycle or walk to their destinations.  The Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Safe Routes to School Plan recommends bicycle and pedestrian projects that contribute to a walkable downtown, attract more jobs, and provide greater access to services.  The plan promotes walking and bicycling to school and improving traffic congestion near schools through education and enforcement, such as safety programs and 5k run/walk events.
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The Council is comprised of 2 County Supervisors, 2 Councilmembers from the City of Angels Camp, and 3 members selected from the public at large.

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Melissa Raggio
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