CALCOG Regional Government Equity Training Series


This webpage is for you to find resources, additional videos/articles, and recommend your own experience, work studies, articles you may want to share with the your cohorts. Please know that this webpage is for you only. Please do not share the contents of this webpage, thank you.

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April 6: Equity Training Session #1: Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for Planners and Other Government Roles
May 4: Discussion Session #1: All About Community: Sharing Challenges and Solutions in Addressing Past
Community Harm
June 2: Equity Training #2: Common Pitfalls and Antidotes to drive Racial Equity in Organizational Culture
August 17: Discussion Session #2: Key Strategies in Inclusive Culture in the Government Context
September 9: Equity Training #3: Building Buy-in: Why Cultivating Authentic Support from Elected Officials and
Decision Makers is Essential to Sector Success
October 7: Discussion Session #3: Building Buy-in: Success Stories and Lessons from the Field
November 2: Equity Discussion Session #4: Workshopping Current Challenges and Opportunities in Your Equity Journey
January 11: Discussion Session #5: Walking the Walk: A Roundtable Discussion on How to Integrate Equity
February 1:Equity Training #4: Understanding DEI Priorities and Measuring Success
Equity Discussion Session #6: Looking Back, Looking Ahead: DEI Workshop and Discussion Series Wrap Up
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Recommend a Resource.

All submitted resources will be reviewed before posting. Please contact Natalie Zoma, if you have any questions regarding recommending a resource. 

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