Thank you for your interest in CARL. Please submit your application by Monday, August 15. (Note: you should complete an interest form as soon as possible if you are going to apply.) Acceptance notifications will be emailed August 22. Please note that the CARL schedule for 2022-23 could change based on state COVID-19 guidance. 



  1. Indicate Your  Interest. Fill out the short form HERE to let us know you are interested This is not the formal application but it will let us notify you if any program details change.  
  2. Agree to the Time Commitment. You and your supervisor both need to sign the Participation Agreement Form to acknowledge and agree that you are able to commit the time to fully participate in all CARL sessions and activities
  3. Complete and Submit Application. An application is complete when we receive your completed application which includes (1) your short essay answers of no more than 1,000 words total, (2) your resume, (3) your photo, and (3) the Participation Agreement form described above signed by both the applicant and the applicant’s supervisor. 


  1. Program Admission. We will notify selected program participants by August 22.  The class will be selected for diversity of experience in terms of personal background, professional experience, expertise, geographic location, and size and function of agency. This will limit each agency to no more than one participant per class except in exceptional circumstances.  
  2. Invoicing. If you are accepted, CALCOG will invoice your employer for the total tuition amount of $3,300.