CARL Cohort #3: “CARL Elevator Videos: What Do Regional Governments Do?”

One of the goals of CALCOG is to share the story of why people should care about regional government. CALCOG’s Academy for Regional Leaders (CARL) group project this year was designed to address this challenge. The group project format also strengthened leadership skills and allowed the class to build relationships in a virtual environment.

We divided participants into five groups and tasked them with writing, directing and producing a two minute video to tell the general public about what regional governments do. The project design made CARL participants think about their organizations from a different perspective. It also required them to step outside of their comfort zone and use an unfamiliar technology.

Group One: "Regional Government: Helping You Navigate Your Life"

Group One: Michelle Glickert, Binu Abraham, Erica Felci, Jason Greenspan, David Aguire & Derek McGill

Group Two: "Regional Government: What Does It Mean to You?"

Group Two: Kelly Mcclendon, Stephanie Hu, Amanda Fagan, Seana Gause &  Javiera Cartegena 

Group Three: "Combatting Climate Change: A Regional Effort"

Group Three: Caroline Payne, Shruti Hari, Jeff Mills, Akiko Yamagami & Martha Masters

Group Four: "Regional Government: Working for You"

Group Four: Oona Smith, Tyler Masters, Ariana zur Nieden, Chris Barney, Sean Charpentier & Antonio Onorato

Group Five: "Building a Better Future: Regional Government In Action"

Group Five: Mark Heckman, Cathleen Sullivan, Chirag Rabari, Michael Zeller, Linsey Willis & David Knudsen