CARLA Webinar: Integrating Equity Into Your Practice: Inclusive Engagement

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Welcome CARLA!

On Thursday, August 26th from 9am – 11:30am we will be hosting a complimentary webinar for CARLA Cohorts. The topic will be Integrating Equity Into Your Practice: Inclusive Engagement.”  The webinar will be approximately 2.5 hours with half in active participation and the final half in a panelist roundtable.  

Instructed by The Davenport Institute , featuring panelists Public Information Coordinator Rosie Ramos from Sacramento Area Council of Governments, Senior Regional Planner in the Planning Strategy Department Dorothy Le Suchkova from Southern California Association of Governments, and Senior Regional Planner Christine Corrales from San Joaquin Council of Governments.

We ask that you register in advance and recommend anyone in your agency who work specifically in equity engagements to also register for our webinar.  The Zoom webinar link will be emailed to all registered guests a week prior to the event.

Thank you so much CARLA and we’re looking forward to seeing you there!

If you have any questions regarding this webinar, please email
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