The Regional Role in Developing the EV Marketplace


With sales on the rise, EV ownership is quickly expanding from “early adopters” to everybody else. The challenge now is to build out a widespread charging network that can facilitate this change while assuring adequate access to people at all income levels. Regional governments are emerging as key partners in identifying gaps in service and providing local governments with additional resources to site chargers. Speakers will provide an overview of the state of the market and explore strategies and best practices that regional agencies can employ to assist local agencies in adapting to this transformation.

This webinar was on September 26th from 10A.M. – 11:30P.M.

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  • Elsa Wright, ZEV Infrastructure Permitting and Development Specialist, Go-Biz
  • Susan Freedman, Climate Planning Manager, San Diego Association of Governments
  • Janet Orth, Deputy Director & CFO, Mendocino Council of Governments / Moderator of North State ZEV Working Group
  • Shant Nahapetian, Senior Policy Advisor, Southern California Edison
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