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This is our first attempt to highlight the actions of many of our members and put together a set of useful resources.  We expect to add more in the coming weeks and always welcome recommendations.  We do not try to link to every resource, but rather curate a set of resources that provide perspective and will be most useful to our members.  If you have recommendations for this list, please share them.

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More from Tamika Butler (former CTC Commissioner):

Future of Transportation

  • New Routes to Equity: The Future of Transportation in the Black Community. Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. Accessed February 11, 2021.  Shared mobility, electric vehicles, and autonomous vehicles are rapidly changing our entire transportation system. Transportation policy and planning have historically left behind the Black community. The emerging mobility options offer a choice between a continued legacy of transportation inequity or a reimagined, equitable transportation system. This report identifies comprehensive policies that provide a pathway toward an equity future. Importantly, the policy recommendations must be adapted and tailored to the specific needs of local Black communities based on meaningful community engagement in the decision-making process.
  • The Untokening Movement.  The Untokening is a movement started by and for individuals from marginalized groups who occupy stolen Indigenous land in North America. We intentionally center the lived experiences of BIPOC individuals in our visioning and action around the future of transportation and mobility.
  • Justice-Oriented Mobility Advocates to “Untokenize” Active Transportation Movement at November Convening. Sulaiman, S. Streetsblog Los Angeles (2016, September 20).
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