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Madera County Transportation Commission (MCTC)

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The Madera County Transportation Commission (MCTC) is the Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA), Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), and the Local Transportation Commission (LTC) for Madera County.  The Commission is responsible for the development and adoption of the Regional Transportation Plan and Transportation Improvement Program.  The Commission’s role is to foster intergovernmental coordination, undertake comprehensive regional planning with an emphasis on transportation issues, provide a forum for citizen input into the planning process, and to provide technical services to its member agencies.  In all these activities, the Commission works to develop a consensus among its members with regards to multi-jurisdictional transportation issues.
MCTC also the administers funds derived from a transportation sales tax adopted by Madera County voters in 2006.  MCTC assures that the proceeds are distributed according to the Measure “T” Investment Plan and prepares the biennial Strategic Plan, the Annual Work Program, and the processing of Measure “T” claims.
In addition, MCTC serves Madera County in the following ways:
  • California Vanpool Authority (CalVans).  MCTC joined with eight other RTPAs and MPOs to create a JPA to fund, operate and otherwise manage public transportation projects and programs aimed at providing qualified agricultural workers with safe, affordable vehicles they could use to drive themselves and others to work.  CalVans operates as a Public Transit Agency.
  • Amtrak.  MCTC has joined with several other agencies as a member of the San Joaquin Joint Powers Authority to operate Amtrak passenger rail services from Bakersfield to Oakland and Sacramento (others include: Alameda County, Contra Costa Transportation Authority, Fresno Council of Governments, Kings County Association of Governments, Merced County Association of Governments, Sacramento Regional Transit, San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission, Stanislaus Council of Governments, and Tulare County Association of Governments).

MCTC is one of the 8 MPOs that make up the San Joaquin Valley Policy Council.

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  • Sustainable Energy Roadmap–MCTC leads a collective partnership of local governments, planning agencies, and technical experts who pursue goals related to smart growth, transportation, energy, and climate.  The SER provides free resources and technical assistance to San Joaquin Valley jurisdictions focused on reaching their sustainability and social equity goals.  It also allows cities and counties to identify best practices, customize roadmaps, and share information for sustainable programs and policies.  Many disadvantaged communities within the San Joaquin Valley have the potential to maximize sustainable energy, but lack the information and resources and the SER’s hands-on engagement supports these efforts.
  • Fresno/Madera Urban Route Corridor System Management Plan–In 2006, MCTC received Proposition 1B bond funds to bring Highway 99 up to highway standards.  Route 99 is the primary corridor serving the population of the San Joaquin Valley and connects those traveling to the Sacramento metropolitan area.  Highway 99 moves goods and agricultural products, functioning as the main “farm-to-market” transportation route.  Improving infrastructure and meeting highway standards has enhanced the movement of goods and increased mobility,
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Board Makeup

The Commission is comprised of 2 members representing the City of Madera, 1 member representing the City of Chowchilla, and 3 members representing the Madera County Board of Supervisors.

Executive Director
Patricia Taylor
CALCOG Board Representative
Robert Poythress, First Vice President. Supervisor, Madera County
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