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Orange County Council of Governments (OCCOG)

Orange County Council of Governments (OCCOG)
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The Orange County Council of Governments (OCCOG) is dedicated to creating a forum to address common issues.  One important focus is tied to Orange County’s status as a sub-region within the larger six-county metropolitan planning area of the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG).  OCCOG works to educate members within the sub-region to assure that the perspective of Orange County is appropriately considered.  Additionally, OCCOG is the lead if Orange County elects to develop a sub-regional Sustainable Communities Strategy for use in the Regional Transportation Plan, as allowed within the SCAG region under SB 375.

In addition, OCCOG is developing a work program that focuses on information sharing and serving its membership.  A recent strategic plan identifies the value of being a sub-regional connector within the county, developing technical resources through grant writing and other activities to expand the level of service, and develop forums where local officials can exchange views and information in order to better serve their own communities.

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Complete Streets Initiative Design Handbook–Orange County attracts residents and tourists with its beaches, parks, professional sports teams, and quality performing arts venues.  Residents enjoy sunny weather almost year-round, which encourages outdoor activity.  OCCOG’s Complete Streets Initiative Design Handbook provides policy and design best practices for improved streets and pedestrian networks throughout the region.  The handbook is addressed to all agencies, jurisdictions, and communities within Orange County to inform policies that will shape a transportation network that is safe and accessible for all.  These policies can be adopted by local jurisdictions in their general plans to minimize congestion, reduce pollution, and promote health within Orange County’s communities.

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SCAG in the OCThe make up of the OCCOG board is defined by three groups.  The first 12 seats are elected officials that serve as their district’s representative on the board of the Southern California Association of Governments. SCAG board representation is defined by 67 districts of equal population across its six county area. Twelve of those districts are in Orange County. (See map). All 12 members that represent Orange County districts serve on the OCCOG board (it’s also worth noting that Orange County is considered one of the 14 “sub-regions” in the SCAG region). The second group of six board members are appointed by other agencies in Orange County: the County, the Orange County Transportation Authority, Orange County Transportation Corridor Agencies, Orange County Sanitation District, Orange County ISDOC/Water Agencies, the Air District (SCAQMD), and one at-large Orange County cities member.

Finally, the third group includes six ex-officio members representing League of California Cities Orange County Division, the Building Industry Association Orange County Chapter, Orange County Local Formation Commission (LAFCO), Orange County Community Services, Association of California Cities Orange County, Orange County Business Council, and University of California at Irvine.

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Marnie O’Brien Primmer
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