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If you are a CALCOG member or a closely affiliated agency, you may fill out the form below.  It will then be approved by CALCOG staff (within 24 hours but often much faster).  A couple of helpful tips.

    • Length of Job Description.   You can put in as long as a description as you like, but given that you are also providing a link to the actual job description, you can also post an abbreviated one here.  Your choice.


    • Application URL.  Please link directly to the job on your website (to the extent that you can).


    • Job Type & Category.  These two categories are drop down options.  If your job does not fit this category, please leave blank and email us and we can add it to the options.  (Nzoma at


  • Logo Size.  The ideal size for the logo field is 200 by 200 pixels. Square.  Many of our members elect to only post the image within their logo (and not the association name) in this module because the graphic will always appear near the Agency Name field.
Leave this blank if the location is not important
Select if this is a remote position.

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