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The San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments (SGVCOG) is a regional government planning agency that serves as a Joint Powers Authority (JPA). It encompasses more than 374 square miles and represents over 2 million residents across 31 incorporated cities, unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County, and three municipal water districts. The SGVCOG focuses on addressing and managing regional issues through collective action and advocacy to enhance the quality of life in the San Gabriel Valley.

Key functions of SGVCOG include:

  1. Regional Planning and Coordination: SGVCOG works on various regional projects and programs such as transportation, environmental sustainability, and infrastructure improvement. These efforts include managing significant transportation projects like the Alameda Corridor-East Project and the Regional VMT Mitigation Program.
  2. Advocacy and Representation: The council acts as a unified voice to maximize resources and advocate for regional and member interests at higher levels of government, ensuring that the diverse needs of the San Gabriel Valley are addressed.
  3. Public Policy Development: SGVCOG actively develops and adopts policy papers that guide their actions and strategies on issues like air quality, energy, public safety, and homelessness. These policies help streamline regional efforts and promote sustainable solutions.
  4. Community Engagement and Services: The council facilitates a variety of committees and working groups that include local government officials and experts to discuss and manage specific aspects of regional governance such as transportation, public works, and water management.
  5. Resource Management and Allocation: By coordinating with federal, state, and local entities, SGVCOG plays a crucial role in the distribution and utilization of resources across the region, aiming to efficiently use funds and implement projects that benefit the entire community.
Population Represented
2 million
Program Highlights
  • Alameda Corridor-East (ACE) Project: This project focuses on improving the safety and efficiency of the rail-road crossings in the eastern part of the San Gabriel Valley, which includes constructing grade separations and other enhancements.
  • Regional VMT (Vehicle Miles Traveled) Mitigation Program: This program aims to develop strategies to reduce vehicle miles traveled in the region, supporting California’s environmental goals and reducing traffic congestion and air pollution.
  • East SGV Sustainable Multimodal Project: This project is designed to enhance the multimodal transportation options in the East San Gabriel Valley, promoting sustainability and accessibility.
  • Housing Initiatives: SGVCOG is involved in several housing initiatives, including affordable housing strategies and programs to address homelessness in the region. SGVCOG’s Homelessness Resources for Cities.
  • Measure M MSP Projects: These projects are funded through Measure M, a Los Angeles County sales tax for transportation improvements, which includes various local and regional transit, highway, and infrastructure improvements across the San Gabriel Valley.
  • Regional Broadband Initiative: This initiative seeks to expand access to high-speed internet across the region, particularly in underserved areas, enhancing connectivity for residents and businesses.
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Board Makeup

Tim Hepburn, President 
Mayor, City of La Verne

Ed Reece, First Vice President 
Councilmember, City of Claremont

April Verlato, Second Vice President 
Mayor, City of Arcadia

Cory Moss, Third Vice President 
Mayor, City of Industry

Executive Director
Marisa Creter
CALCOG Board Representative
Tim Hepburn
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