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Shasta Regional Transportation Agency (SRTA)

Shasta Regional Transportation Agency (SRTA)
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Shasta Regional Transportation Agency (SRTA) is a Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA) and, as such, makes decisions that provide transportation solutions for the region.  Different local, state, and federal priorities must be melded together; automobiles, public transportation, bicyclists, pedestrians, and freight haulers each have unique and sometimes conflicting needs.  SRTA is unique in government because it shapes communities solely through investments and support; SRTA neither possesses nor desires enforcement powers.  Because SRTA represents and regards all jurisdictions equally, SRTA provides a true regional forum for city and county governments to work together with key partners, such as Caltrans, to address regional transportation needs; needs that often transcend political boundaries, but are no less important to our citizens.

If what SRTA still sounds a little mysterious, consider these recent projects developed or funded by SRTA:

  • State Route 44 Dana-to-Downtown Freeway Widening
  • I-5 South Redding Six-lane Project
  • I-5 Cottonwood Hills Truck Climbing Lane
  • I-5 Deschutes Road off-ramp & roundabout
  • Redding Area Bus Authority Public Transit
  • East Redding Bike Lane Project
  • Local Road Repairs ($4.5 million annually)
  • ShastaFORWARD>> Regional Blueprint

SRTA is a member of the North State Super Region.

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Program Highlights
  • North State Express Connect-Intercity ZEV Bus Service to Sacramento and the Bay Area–Far Northern California is limited in its access to transportation connections.  The NS Express Connect has developed a study that analyzes the feasibility of ZEV intercity bus service from Redding to Sacramento to provide service for residents of Shasta County, the more rural North State counties, and disadvantaged communities to access major international airports and other rail and bus facilities.  Not only will the service reduce emissions and improve air quality, it will boost the economy, create more job opportunities, and provide residents improved access to higher education facilities.  SRTA has applied for Transit and Intercity Rail capital funding and Sustainable Transportation Planning Strategic Partnership grant funding for a detailed business plan.
  • Sunday Transit Service and On-Demand Transit Feasibility Study–Current transit services in Shasta County only run on Monday-Saturday.  Sunday transit service has been a long standing public request.  SRTA is proposing a pilot for on-demand Sunday transit service for Shasta County residents, which will use smart phone apps, GPS vehicle tracking, and dispatch software to provide user requested transit when needed.
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Board Makeup

The Governing Board consists of three city council members representing the three incorporated cities within Shasta County, three members of the County Board of Supervisors, and one member representing the Redding Area Bus Authority.

Executive Director
Sean Tiedgen, AICP
CALCOG Board Representative
Tenessa Audette, Council Member, City of Redding
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