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Solano Transportation Authority (STA)

Solano Transportation Authority (STA)
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The Solano Transportation Authority (STA) is a joint powers agency that serves as the Congestion Management Agency (CMA) for Solano.  STA develops the long-range Countywide Transportation Plan (CTP), which (along with similar plans from the other eight Bay Area Counties) forms the “primary basis” for the Regional Transportation Plan and Sustainable Communities Strategy (RTP/SCS) adopted by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.  In turn, the CTP must consider the most recently adopted RTP/SCS to assure that the county transportation plans and the regional plan employ a common planning framework.  STA also sets transportation priorities, delivers on specific transportation projects, and provides other programs and services.

In addition, STA works with its member agencies and Solano County partners in several other ways:

  • Countywide Safe Routes to School (and Transit).  STA has developed a particularly strong Safe Routes to School program within its county, encouraging school children across the county to walk and bike to school.  Now STA is applying that success for all with a focus on transit access.
  • STA is working with communities that don’t already have Climate Action Plans (CAPs) to help them develop policies for their communities.
  • Coordinates with the Air District (BAAQMD) to administer funds for bicycle and pedestrian improvements, ridesharing, Safe Routes to School projects, vehicle replacements, engine retrofits and shuttle service that meet criteria to assure positive air quality impacts.
  • Serves as the Consolidated Transportation Services Agency (CTSA) for Solano County.  CTSA improves mobility for the increasing senior population, as well as people with disabilities and the low-income of all ages, Strong Safe Routes to School, and Transit.
  • STA is the Abandoned Vehicle Authority for Solano County and most of its member cities.
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Program Highlights
  • Solano Transportation Study for Seniors & People with Disabilities–Seniors represent over 10% of Solano County’s population and that number is projected to grow to 22% by 2035.  In order to accommodate this growing population, STA is addressing and identifying the needs with the update to the Solano Transportation Study for Seniors & People with Disabilities.  Through significant public outreach and collaborations, the study has produced several short, medium, and long term strategies to develop service improvements and gaps in mobility.  Recommendations include encouraging home deliveries by grocery stores and pharmacies, partnering with medical clinics to coordinate appointments with transit schedules, increasing frequency of transit services, providing taxi vouchers through hospitals and clinics, and expanding awareness of volunteer driving programs.
  • Climate Change Strategy–STA’s Climate Change Strategy for transportation was adopted in 2010 and includes current projects that STA and its member agencies are conducting that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and outlines planning activities that guide future emissions reductions.  STA and the County of Solano worked together to develop emissions inventories for all of Solano County’s local agencies and create a Countywide Climate Action Plan.
  • Countywide Safe Routes to Transit Plan–The SR2T Plan plans and funds projects that promote walking and bicycling to and from transit stations in Solano County.  Existing service connects riders directly to BART stations, the San Francisco Ferry Building, UC Davis, and Sacramento.  Many commuters cite safety as the main reason for driving.  The plan prioritizes improvements that attract more transit ridership and provides a safe and convenient way to access transit.  Improved transit facilities and bicycle and pedestrian networks ultimately results in reduced congestion and emissions and improved health and quality of life for Solano County residents.
  • T-PLUS Program–This program provides technical and financial assistance to agencies to plan and implement transportation and land use strategies that promote smart growth concepts.
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Board Makeup

The Board is comprised of 7 mayors representing each of the cities within Solano County, and 1 member of the County Board of Supervisors.

Executive Director
Daryl Halls
CALCOG Board Representative
Steve Young, Mayor, City of Benicia
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