The Coaching Habit: Empowering Leaders for Success

We all recognize how important effective leaders are for organizational and individual success. But the definition of a successful leader has changed dramatically over the last generation. As problems and solutions become more complex and elude technical solutions, the role of a leader goes beyond giving orders and making decisions. A good leader guides, nurtures, …

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Congratulations to CARL Class 2023!

We want to give a big shoutout to this year’s CARL class for graduating the program. This year in partnership with the California Transportation Foundation, we had the CARL class graduate ceremony at the CTF Transportation Awards Gala + Casino Night.

What Do Regional Governments Do? “CARL” Answers the Call

How do you explain what a regional government does if you only have a moment?  Do you have an elevator speech?  Or have you given up on trying to explain it, even to your friends and family? Telling the story of regional government is challenging.  It’s complex, unwieldy, and filled with nuance.  It also varies …

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Regions 101

Cubed word cloud featuring the words Governance, Regional and Agency

We admit it. Regional governance often defies easy classification. Various agencies have grown and adapted to best serve their local communities.  The role of each agency also influences its structure.  As a result, there are instances where two agencies with different structures undertake the same mandate. Likewise, two regions that share the same structure may …

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