It’s Past Time to Repeal Article 34

CALCOG support Senator Allen’s SCA 1, which would authorize voters to repeal Article 34 of the state constitution that requires voter approval of public funded affordable housing rental projects.

REAPing Benefits in Tulare County

This article spotlights two exemplary—even transformative—projects selected by the Tulare County Association of Governments (TCAG). A majority of the $6.4 million in REAP 2.0 funds are being invested directly in […]

CALCOG Focus on Equity

CALCOG just completed a year-long equity training for over 100 participants from 20 member agencies, CALTRANS, and the California Transportation Commission. CALCOG is always looking for innovative and effective ways […]

A Remote Possibility for Brown Act Reform

Open and public meetings are a cornerstone of California’s democracy. The public has a right to know what local government is doing.  The Ralph M. Brown Act (Brown Act) guarantees […]

SB 375’s Emissions Gap: Explained

This article explains the source of the so called seven percent gap between the GHG emission reductions called for in ARB’s Scoping Plan from reduced VMT from cars and light trucks and the high end of the SB 375 targets.

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