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The Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) serves as Monterey County’s Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA), and is a state designated agency responsible for planning and financial programming of transportation projects.  As such, TAMC is tasked with developing a Regional Transportation Plan, or RTP, for the county to provide a basis for the allocation of state and federal transportation funds to transportation projects within the county over a long-range timeframe.  TAMC is one of three regional transportation planning agencies within the larger MPO area of the Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments (AMBAG).

Most recently, Transportation Agency of Monterey County became the authority for transportation sales tax adopted by voters in November 2016.  TAMC will be responsible for distributing funds and assuring that the accountability measures are achieved.

TAMC is a member of the Central Coast Coalition.

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  • Measure X–Approved on November 8, Measure X is estimated to generate $600 million over its 30 year lifetime.  60% of the funds are dedicated to local cities and the county for road maintenance and safety projects.  The remaining 40% will be used for regional safety, mobility, and walkability projects and programs.
  • SR 68 Scenic Highway Plan–The SR 68 Scenic Highway Plan will be used to evaluate current and future travel patterns between Salinas and the Monterey Peninsula, the county’s primary commute corridor.  The study focuses on the feasibility of affordable, mid-term safety, operational and capacity improvements in the SR 68 corridor, as well as the potential for wildlife connectivity enhancements.
  • Emergency Ride Home Program–The Emergency Ride Home Program provides reimbursements for taxi vouchers or car rentals for Monterey County commuters if they find themselves in an emergency situation.  The program is available to all commuters who live, work, or go to school in Monterey County and who use an alternative mode of transportation at least once a week.  If a commuter has an emergency, such as illness or unexpected overtime on the day they use an alternative mode of transportation, they can submit a receipt for a cab or car rental for reimbursement.
  • Bicycle Secure Program–One of the ways TAMC promotes active transportation in Monterey County is through the Bicycle Secure Program.  The program increases the amount of safe and accessible bicycle parking, provides bicycle repair station kiosks, and gives financial support for artistic bicycle racks.  The program is targeted to schools, businesses, and public agencies to attract more bicycling patrons and to support bicycling as a mode of commuting to work.
  • Via Salinas Valley–Via Salinas Valley: Pathways to Health through Active Transportation is a collaborative regional effort to improve health, access, and safety in the Salinas Valley.  This project combines educational programs and capital projects including sidewalks, safer crossings, and bike lanes and paths to community destinations, such as parks, schools, and community centers in the Salinas Valley farming communities.
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Board Makeup

The Board of Directors is comprised of 12 mayors and Councilmembers representing each of the incorporated cities of Monterey County, 5 members from the County Board of Supervisors, 1 ex-officio member representing AMBAG, 1 ex-officio member representing the City of Watsonville, 1 ex-officio member representing Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District,  1 ex-officio member representing the Monterey Regional Airport, 1 ex-officio member representing Monterey-Salinas Transit, and 1 ex-officio member representing Caltrans District 5.

Executive Director
Todd Muck
CALCOG Board Representative
Michael LeBarre, Mayor, City of King
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